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#TDMXMAS – TDM Christmas Raffle – Win with TDM (English)

Written by hansbahnhof

We are living in awkward times so let me begin with wishing everybody a peaceful holiday season – whereever you might live – whatever the name of your god might be.

TDM would like to lighten up these short winter days by giving away some really precious prizes for all classic car and classic Porsche fans out there. It is easy to take part in the #TDMXMAS raffle – just have a look at the bottom of this page. But first – here are the prizes!

1st Prize – Parkhotel 1970 Voucher

Eine Nacht wie 1970 im Doppelzimmer im Odenwald: Das Parkhotel 1970 ist das vielleicht autenthischste Oldtimer-Hotel in Deutschland.

One night in a double room from 1970. The Parkhotel 1970 must be the most authentic remnant of a time when design was orange and trousers were bell-shaped.

It is not just a hotel. It is a time-trip back to the year 1970. The „Parkhotel 1970“ is a hotel for all classic car and seventies enthusiasts. Set up in 1970 and equipped with furniture ranging from space age design to german oak the Parkhotel 1970 is a time capsule and a unique opportunity to travel back in time with or without your classic car.

Win one night in a double room with your loved one and visit the beautiful Odenwald forest with its great driving roads and vast history. See roman villas and the famous „Limes“ (roman frontier fortifications) dividing the civilised roman empire from the forests and swamps of ancient Germania.

You can find some impressions of the hotel, the region and of course classic Porsches in a Teil der Maschine video: Parkhotel 1970 Video.

The voucher is for one night in a double. The trip to the Odenwald is not included – so take your classic Porsche / car – it´s worth the trip!

The first prize of this year´s Christmas raffle was sponsored by the Parkhotel 1970 team in Ohrnbachtalstraße 7, 64720 Michelstadt-Vielbrunn, Germany.

2nd Prize – Foersters TDM Cylindrical Cake (Baumkuchen)

Die Bäckerei Förster in Essen ist seit 1878 exklusiver Backwaren-Lieferant von Teil der Maschine

The Foerster bakery in Essen, Germany was founded in 1878

Baumkuchen („Tree-Cake“) is a cylindrical cake and one of Germany´s most famous christmas treats.

The TDM Baumkuchen is made by hand especially for this occasion by Porsche afficionado and pastry chef Christian Foerster who runs one of the oldest bakerys of the Ruhr-area founded in 1878. The Baumkuchen is crowned by a Teil der Maschine logo and it is of course a limited edition „one of“ piece of traditional german craftmansship.

Warning: The cake has about 83 zillion calories. But who cares? Its Christmas!

This price was sponsored by Bakery Gebrüder Förster, Friedrich & Christian Förster, Hochfeldstraße 159,  45307 Essen, Germany.

Note for participants outside Germany: This price will be delivered only to European countries.

3rd Prize – The Milou Porsche Collection 2012 – auction catalogue NOS

Auktionskatalog "The Milou Collection"

„The Milou Collection“ auction catalogue. This might be the last one in untouched NOS condition

The Milou Porsche Collection. One of the most famous and legendary classic Porsche collections ever auctioned. The auction was organised by „Automobilia Auktion Ladenburg“ in 2012 grossing several hundred thousand euros.

Teil der Maschine offers one of the last and beautifully made auction catalogues, never touched in NOS-condition so to say.

The catalogue is a heavy hard-cover book with 163 pages. Much more than „just a catalogue“. It is a comprehensive book containing lots of rare and rarest Porsche accessories with hundreds of photos. The pictured items range from original Porsche 356 suitcases from the fifties to classic Porsche racing parts never pictured in any book on classic Porsches.

No matter if you own a Porsche 356, a Porsche 901, a Porsche 911 / 912, RS or racing car or if you can only afford to dream about owning one. This is the book for you.

The best thing for all english-speaking participants: The items are explained in german and english.

Ths price is sponsored by Teil der Maschine.

4th Prize – Porsche 901 sales brochure


Porsche 901 sales brochure. The first brochure featuring the new Porsche „901“ in 1963. This is a reproduction – but a very good one printed by Porsche in 1993.

Porsche 901: A legend is born. And this is the sales brochure that started it all in 1963. A rare Porsche 901 sales brochure reprint (W221) printed by Porsche AG on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Porsche 911 in 1993.

This is a 100% precise reproduction of the original containing photos, technical data and accessories for the Porsche 901 that more than one year later was first delivered as the iconic Porsche 911.

Condition 1. Untouched.

Ths price is sponsored by Teil der Maschine.

How to win

That´s it. The winner will be drawn bei TDM on december 6th 2015 and will be notified via Facebook and at

Terms and conditions:

  • In the event that we cannot contact the winner within 28 days after the draw, the prize will be awarded to a new winner.
  • The prizes are non-transferable and only consist of what is listed above.
  • By entering the draw, winners confirm their agreement to take part in any associated publicity.


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